Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are Online Degrees Worth the Work?


With the unemployment rate continuing to rise and thousands of local graduates entering the workforce each year, what's on your resume is more important than ever. But when it comes to education, how do online degrees compare the traditional degrees at a large university or college? 39 News ask recruiters just how they feel about both.

"We treat those the same as long as that university is accredited," said Marilyn Grant, a recruiter for the pipeline company, TransCanada. She goes through hundreds of resumes each year.

"The stereotype is not as negative as it has been in the past. Many people are opting to take the online route."

Headhunter, Kathie Forney agrees. Her firm, I-Focus, located in the Galleria, finds qualified workers for several major companies and they say there is no bias against online schools.

"The people who go there work hard, usually a day job and then night classes," said Forney. "And they get a much more practical education… a lot of my clients feel that way."

And that's just what Christina Grochett wants to hear.

"We have nearly 2500 corporate partners," said Grochett, who is Vice President of the University of Houston South Texas Region. "They set us apart I believe because people are saying, not only do they have the education… but they have the work experience."

Grochett says business is booming for her college.

"I think the University of Phoenix always have a misconception," said Grochett. "We are the largest private university in the country… and we have over 390,000 students."

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